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Mountains to the Sea

Mothers Day 2009... This was my seventh Mothers Day, and a very memorable one at that. We are a pretty adventurous clan, and we usually like to get off the beaten path to explore something new. Well today we did just that. On our little Island of Kauai we managed to discover a lake in the Waimea Canyon Park, hike to the ridge line overlooking Mana, picnic in the meadows of Kokee State Park, and spend the last sunlight hours in Polihale enjoying a bonfire and a spectacular sunset. Lucky we live Kauai! What a blessing it is to call this beautiful place home. And I must say I am a lucky Mom to have such troopers for kids and a husband who is willing to always carry the tired ones when we want to keep going.

This is why I love being a Mom!

Ok Kids hurry up we need to get some pictures for Grandma and Nana for Mothers day! We are loosing light. Nothing like trying to get two kids that have hiked all day, no nap, and running on fumes to get a few good shots before the sun set. Well we pulled it off and these are the ones the kids liked. Happy Mothers Day!

The sun is out

The sun is finally out and summer is quickly approaching. Days like this make me look forward to life as a vagabond. The day is fast arriving and the list is growing. Thor is busy getting the boat set up and I spend the day organizing all the little details to keep things in order when we are gone. We should be home checking off one or two more things on the to do list, but it as just too beautiful of a day to stick to the list.

Baja Ha Ha

Ok We are officially going to Mexico. We turned in our entry for the 2009 Baja Ha Ha and were the 9th boat to enter. Three days into sign up there are 39 boats so far registered. The reality is setting in, as well as the growing list of to do's before we sail off. The kids are excited but I don't thinj they realize what one year means.

May Day Is Lei Day in Hawaii

May day is a colorful way to celebrate the love of Hawaii's culture and heritage. We had a great time watching Island School students perform their songs and dance, while dressed in festive costumes. This representation of Hawaii's unique mix of cultures and ethnicity's is a tradition I look forward to every year.. The children s songs were beautifully sung, bringing tears to my eyes. The innocence of their voices is a reminder how sweet life is. The dedication of the teachers is amazing. We are privileged to live in such a beautiful place with wonderful roll models for our Keiki.