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Daddy and Sienna in the Alps


Europe 2007



Arriving in Dubrovnik Croatia

Dobardan, (hello in Croatian),

Yesterday was a whirlwind tour of Germany or should I say Lego land. Lego land was a blast, even after a eleven hour flight a three hour drive, a restless six hours of sleep, and a quick vomit in the hall of the pristine German Hotel by Tristan .. we set off for a great day at the Lego Land in Gunzburg.
What a great amusement park. The kids had a blast and so did we climbing though the obstacle course play equipment and riding on the various roller coasters. Tristan and Thor enjoyed building Lego race cars and racing them on the timed track.
After five hours of well executed amusement touring we set off for an hour drive to Stuttgart where we dropped our car and boarded the Tui fly flight 1 hour twenty minuted to Croatia. We arrived 9:00 pm no idea where we were staying or how to get there. Yep that's the way we do things spontaneous and on the fly.. or as some say crazy...this time it worked out okay as within five mi…