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Hawaii Swell arrives in Punta Mita

Today we spent the day surfing in Punta Mita. A pretty big swell that has made it's way from Hawaii has hit the breaks along the coast causing bumpy anchorages, but fun riding waves. Besides surfing all day the best part of the adventure was maneuvering our dingy into shore through the 4 foot surf . It was thrilling and took some know how not to end up in the water. Thor did a great job getting all four of us and three surfboards to shore ,dry and safe. What a rush of adrenaline.

This fun surf spot used to be a unspoiled beach with a small fishing village. It was sad to see such development along the coast line, and even more disheartening to hear the true story behind the newly built resorts. In short families who had been living here for years were forced to move from their homes, garden and subsistence lifestyle. The reef which used to be alive and flourish with sea life now is a dead reef.

This story sounded too familiar. We tried to walk to the town today making our…

What Time is It in Mexico?

With Christmas behind us and the New Year fast approaching we are trying to figure out what our itinerary for 2010 will be. Our thoughts and ideas change as quickly as the clock , and the clock is something we need to figure out. Since leaving San Diego I don't think I have known what the correct time has been. From San Diego to Cabo we were on Baja Ha Ha time, not Baja time but HA Ha time. This was for the ease of the cruising rally so that all the boats stayed on the same time. Now I could look at the time on my phone but for some reason it always was an hour behind. I think it somehow was on LA time. Now we just crossed the Sea and our on the Mainland Coast in Puerto Vallarta where it all just gets more confusing. The Banderas Bay falls on two States, Jalisco and Nayarit. We arrived in La Cruz which is in Nayarit with our clocks still set on La Paz time. The Airport is is Nayarit, but because most of the tourist stay in Pv, which is in Jalisco everyone supposedly follows…

Gotta Love It!


La paz to Chrstmas in La Cruz

The past couple months in the Sea of Cortez have been filled with great adventures, new friends and a life time of memories. La PAz was proven to be a great spot to gear the boat up with some new and exciting luxuries on Meshach. The first new luxury was the new refrigerator Thor built with materials from the newly opened Home Depot. Nothing like a refrigerator for Christmas.... Ho Ho Ho!

We left La Paz on and did our first long crossing to Puerto Vallarta. We made the passage in in three days four nights. It was a fairly non eventful crossing with a bit more motoring then we would have liked. We left La Paz later then planned and would arrive with only one day to spare for Christmas. We were talking about what we could do for Christmas dinner and next thing you know we were pulling in a 30 yellow fin tuna and a 35 pound Mahi Mahi onto the boat. Not too shabby! We pulled into La Cruz late on the 22nd and the 23rd we pulled into the Marina to get ready for Christmas. Thor an…

Life In The Islands

The last few weeks have been a big blur. Everyday rolls into the next and the days are packed full of adventure and projects. We spent a few weeks in La Paz doing boat projects and exploring. Jesse left the boat and has gone onto to Mainland Mexico where he is exploring Banderas Bay (PV). It was excellent having him aboard for the past month or so. The few weeks we spent in the island off of La Paz. Our first stop was Caleta Lobos and as you can see from the pix posted last we hit some dry land with the boat... Yes this was on purpose and proved to be a lot of fun. With the full moon and the drastic tidal range we were able to careen the boat to allow Thor to re-pitch the engine prop and clean the bottom without getting wet. We anchored in the morning of the tide change and slowly watched as the water left the bottom of the boat. We had about 24 hours before we were completely floating again. It was fun experience minus the continuous swarming of wasp.

The next morning we s…

Careening Meshach