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Can You Say Avacado?

Today was The Avocado Festival in Carpenteria and so off we went. Lots of Guacamole, Avocado Ice Cream, Avocado Beer and Avocado Man..... Well as the kids put it "there's a guy inside the avocado" The festival was so so , but having all the Temme cousins together from Kauai and LA was a real treat. The kids enjoyed the climbing wall, the bounce houses and running into more Kauai Keiki. We ran into the Osborne's and the Riley's. It really is a small small world..

So we are settling into life in SB.... But warm weather calls. Burr today we had 35+ winds with a nice little chill to top it off. We are planning on heading South early next week. First to explore the Channel Islands then off to Newport and then to San Diego.

We are all adjusting.... Some faster then others. Mom is falling behind... Wow I don't remember the boat feeling this small! HA HA Well less to clean. Looking forward to new destinations. Check out the picture we found in last months…

Santa Barbara Living

Santa Barbara,Mexico Santa Barbara Mexico Hmmmm...... We are having a great time here our days are flying by and are filled with fun actives. Hey we could just stay here, but then that would probably cut the time we are out by more than half. I don't think the peso works here. Yesterday we took the boat out for a sail along the waterfront that was bustling with activity. The beaches were filled with people enjoying the dual concerts and our entertainment were the sea lions and pelicans. What a fun sight for our island kids.

The boat is slowly coming together and the reality of moving south draws closer. We will probably go out to the Channel Island this week and then back to the SB before heading south.

Here are a few of the fun things the kids have been up to.

Zoo BQS and Apple Picking

It has been a week in Santa Barbara and our itinerary has been pretty full. Our first few days was simply lounging around the house and decompressing from the hectic schedule of the past few months. The kids are in hog heaven with the their friend Tanner and it's fun to get our baby fix with little sis Skylar.

We put Thor to work right away fixing the non working hot tub at the Avila's...Presto that guys can fix anything...So jacuzzi nights in the cool Santa Barbara air have been a nice way to wind down the day.

We are liking the idea of Santa Barbara and it's no wonder so many of our Kauai friends have ended up here. It is a beautiful, activity filled, laid back town. Ooh and I love the Trader Joe's. The bike paths are amazing and the waterfront bustles with activity.

Friday night was BBQ at the Zoo, Santa Barbara style. The zoo was filled with bounce houses, food, games, live music and the climbing wall. Tristan was a natural at the climbing and the rappelling on…

And Now... The Rest of the Story

Sorry for the lag in posting. Sept 8Th has come and gone and the crew of Meshach has arrived safely on the other side. We have had a fun filled week in Santa Barbara. More on that later.

The welcoming committee in Santa Barbara was awesome!

Rich Steve's Brother in law was our official spotter. From San Luis Obispo he drove South scanning the horizon, and was the first person to spot Meshach. We received the call to let us know to head over to the Shoreline Park along the coast for the best vantage point. Then of course there is Kara who so lovingly gave up her husband for three weeks for Adam to help Thor on the crossing, a big thank you to both of them.. Kara James and Marie have also been our gracious Host and Hostess while we have been here in SB... Yes we are not on the boat full time yet and we better move on soon or this might get too comfortable... Michelle, Ava and Carrie , also from Kauai also showed up for the welcome party.

The fun didn't stop at the doc…

Noon Arrival...

Tomorrow at noon is the ETA. Not 11:00 not 1:00 but 12:00. OK! we will be there on the dock at noon. With a group of loved ones from all different directions coming to meet the crew, it was a specific a time. There is something about seeing them sail in from offshore that is so exciting. We don't want to miss it. So we will be leaving this morning bright and early to start the drive to SB, Kara will be leaving even earlier to arrive from San Fransisco. Thor said if it's any sooner they will slow the boat down. Why they would slow the boat down, even for us, well I know land would be looking too good to me. But hey whats another hour or so when you've been out at sea for 19 days.

This has been a long time for us not to have Thor around and are looking forward to having our family back together. To be completely truthful I am looking forward to a little R & R myself. When was the last three week, or three day, vacation I had with out the keiki. OK I could never leave them…

Home Stretch....

200 Miles to go and plenty of wind to get them here. This morning at 0:600 they were at
35.20 n 127.25 w with 25 knots of wind in 10+ seas. The boat speed is 10+ and they hope to maintain speed to arrive in SB by Tuesday morning.

Last night was the coldest night yet as well as the boat being pretty wet. Poor Steve got swamped by one of the only waves that hit the cockpit the whole trip. To make it worse he had just grabbed his dry clothes. I am sure they are more than ready to be on dry land and have a very long hot shower and a very cold beer.

We are leaving bright and early tomorrow to make sure we are there when they arrive. Kara is driving down from San Fransisco to meet they crew and Steve's family will be there as well. We are so excited to also have a whole group of wonderful friends from Kauai and my cousin Tyson who now live in Santa Barbara. It will be a nice welcoming committee.

We will get an afternoon update today with a more precise update on arrival.... I will try to po…

Sept 6 2009

35.20 North 127.25 West

399 Miles to go....

The Boys still have great wind and are doing about 10 knots in 16-18 knots of wind. Thor says that if they can maintain a average of 6.7 knots they could arrive in Santa Barbara on Tuesday afternoon... YES We can't wait....

The kids and I landed at midnight at LAX with a new appreciation for direct flights.
After a long flight from Lihue to San Fran and a plane change to LAX the M.M.M came to be. (major mom maneuvering). How was I going to get two sleeping children, three carry on bags and a hand bag off the plane. Not to mention a stop at baggage claim to pick up two 50 pound pieces of luggage and the car seat.

Waking Sienna was not an option, unless I was ready to replay a scene from the movie The Exorcist, and getting Tristan to help carry a bag at this stage of exhaustion would also be asking a little too much. Thus M.M.M...

As I waited for everyone else to depart an agent called from the front asking if anyone needed a wheel chair. Ha ha …

700 Miles To Go....

Today at 11 am the boat was 735 miles from SB and sailing along at 9-14 knots in 3-4 foot seas from every direction.
They are at 36.06N 135 West

Given that they have been out there for two weeks they still appear to be having fun. I am having a little fun of my own trying to fit a years worth of worldly possessions in one small suitcase. Yippee!

The impact of leaving is starting to hit and it comes with mixed emotions. we are getting so excited to be finally doing it!

Tomorrow the kids and I will board the jumbo jet and in 6 hours we will cover the same distance that will take the boys 2 1/2 weeks. fifteen minutes of flying is equal to a day on the water. Wow! Now that really puts it into perspective . The kids might finally get it. Keiki question of the day.... ...
Is Daddy already passed Honolulu?

It has been a long and very non child friendly last few months. As Tristan says, " Mom are we ever going to have fun?" Despite the long days and the unstructured madness, my child…

Spinaker Speed and Shout Outs!

36.28 North
39.28 West
SW Winds 15- 20 Great Conditions
976 Miles to go

"It was the most beautiful night sailing ever" ... Thor

The crew sailed all day Wednesday under spinnaker sail until they took it down at midnight. The conditions were amazing, with comfortable temperatures, clear skies and a really nice boat speed.

Now as far as speed they are booking.... They hit their record for this trip 18.7 knots which is equivalent to 20 mph.. they are averaging 15 knots for the last few hours. The sailing feels safe and controlled and if they can keep the boat moving, they might even get there ahead of us.

Steve to Rich "Spikes! Yes"
"Hi Mom"
and a Shout Out to his Peeps at Island Soap! Yes SP that means you.

From the crew a big shout out to Tony Lehoven

Halfway Party ! Sept 2 2009

Champagne for the crew as they celebrated their halfway mark. I don't know what the criteria was for halfway. I hope it was miles accomplished and not days underway.

They have great wind and very nice conditions. They are 1130 miles from Santa Barbara and sailing along nicely at 8-9 knots of wind. The forecast for the next few days looks favorable , and if they can keep up their speed they could be there in the next 5-6 days.

Position is 36.35
Winds from the NW `12-15
Seas 3 feet
Boat Speed 8 knots

The Faithfull Albatross

Today marks day 12 into the voyage across the Pacific. I had a little adrenalin boost when I received the phone call this morning . I answered our routine morning call with "Hi Honey" and the voice back was familiar but not right. Steve answered back with, "Hi Tanya It's Steve" my reply was "Is Thor OK" Steve casually replies "Oh yeah he's hand steering we are doing 10 and 11 knots so he is at the helm" My heart stopped for a mere three seconds with every tragic thought running through my head.. Anyway all is fine . Steve just wanted to send a message.

Hi Friends and Family this has been an amazing adventure so far, I probably will not be back on the tenth. We are having a great time. I have been eating better on the boat than I have at home. Thanks Tanya!
I liked that.

And Larry ..... NO you can not have my Patron just yet!

Position for Sept 1
147.04 West
sailing 10-11 knots in 17 knots of wind from the north.

They are all out of sho…