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Santa Barbara,Mexico Santa Barbara Mexico Hmmmm...... We are having a great time here our days are flying by and are filled with fun actives. Hey we could just stay here, but then that would probably cut the time we are out by more than half. I don't think the peso works here. Yesterday we took the boat out for a sail along the waterfront that was bustling with activity. The beaches were filled with people enjoying the dual concerts and our entertainment were the sea lions and pelicans. What a fun sight for our island kids.

The boat is slowly coming together and the reality of moving south draws closer. We will probably go out to the Channel Island this week and then back to the SB before heading south.

Here are a few of the fun things the kids have been up to.


  1. WOW go Tristan. No fear. he just kept going up. Good job! I guess I won't need to go up the mast any more.
    Looks like you guys are really enjoying SB. You're not going to move there are you?

    Ozone won last night.

  2. Hi, we are bill and jean aboard Mita Kuuluu located in Mexico and we are from Honolulu. From reading your blog we thought that you might be interested in joining us for the cruisers rally to El Salvador this coming spring. We are the organizers representatives in Mexico. Check
    We last left Hawaii in 2006 and miss it.
    Aloha bill and jean

  3. Tristan,
    That is so cool! Wish I was there with you! But I can't be there.

    I want to pet the giraffe too!


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