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Back On The Hook

After a month in marinas and multiple anchorages in Puerto Vallarta we are now back to life on the anchor. It is always hard to leave the conveniences of the Marinas, but so much nicer once you leave. We headed south from La Cruz and had an overnight sail under full moon and great conditions to Chamela. We met up with some friends on journey and anchored off one of the islands for some snorkeling and playing on the beach. The kids on journey along with Sienna and Tristan collected over 200 + Hermit crabs in a matter of 30 minutes. Their bucket was alive, but thankfully they all agreed to release them before we returned to the boats. We are now in the very nice bay of Tenacatita where we have met up with lots of kid boats. Tristan and Sienna are having so much fun. Tristan has mastered dingy driving and has a lot of Independence to ferry himself and friends back and forth from the boats. Sienna is very outgoing and loves to try out her Spanish when she meets the local children.…

Sea Creatures on the Bay in Puerto Vallarta by Tristan

We saw some whales when we sailed to Punta de Mita. The Humpback Whales are here to have their calves. The whales were really close to Meshach and we had fun watching them. My favorite animal was the sea turtles. I got to hold and release the baby sea turtles that were only 24 hours old. I hope my turtle makes it and I hope that all the other turtles make it. Only 1 in 100 usually make it. It was cute to see them walk into the sea at sunset. Later we saw them hatching out of the nest. The nest is a hole in the sand that is two feet down. They are underground for 45-60 days. I also saw puffer fish, dolphins and bat rays. I love sea creatures.
By Tristan


no·mad(nmd) - A member of a group of people who have no fixed home and move according to the seasons from place to place in search of food, water, and grazing land.

1. Yes I am a member of a group of people. It's a small group, most people call a family.

2. Fixed home? Well we do have a fixed home, but it is currently being occupied by another group ( family) and our current home is a 45' sailboat, which could or could not be fixed.

3. We do move according to the weather, hurricane season, rainy season and cruising season.

We also go place to place in search of food, may it be the local markets, tiendas ( local convenient stores), other peoples boats, and the occasional big box store (shhh don't tell ).

4. Water - Well we make our own. That is unless we are in a fixed spot, say tied to dock, in a marina with dead fish and other nastiness floating by. Then I guess we do look for water.

5. Grazing Land - Absolutely!

We are always looking for grazing land, but that is for th…

Jungle Fever

We sailed from La Cruz Sunday leaving the backdrops of large hotels, para sailor and jet skis and replaced it with lush jungle and isolated bays. We are anchored just a few miles from Old town of Pv and found a beautiful anchorage in Boca De Tomatlan. We are the only boat in the bay and for many reasons. The first is probably because there are no other boats here, pangas are running in and out all day from this fishing village causing a nice roll, and the bay is very deep. A usual anchorage is in 15 -30 feet, here we are in 70 feet of water. It's not so much that it is deep it's that the bay is very deep until about 50 yard off the shore where the shelf comes up quickly.

The steep walls of the jungle crawl right down to the ocean and houses peek out from the canopy of trees. We have instant entertainment watching the pangas get up to speed and shoot the mouth of the shallow river, kicking up their outboard motors seconds before hitting the sand bar.

We arrived at sunset a…