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The next chapter is fast approaching. Boats and sailing have pretty much been part of our life since we were married. Well actually even before we were married. This year we celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary. I know getting married at ten seems crazy!

Life was going along just dandy. Our kids are settled into life, with soccer, school, piano, gymnastics, biking, dirt-biking free diving, and all the other crazy stuff that comes along with teens.  Everything is really great except for the constant tug at the heart that keeps whispering, "Only three more years!"  How is it that our baby boy will be a sophomore in high school this year?  So we started planning on ways to spend more time together, unplug and make life a bit more interesting.

And this just happened.... New boat! New chapter.

Life is crazy busy. I I try to decide if I will keep up on a blog, I am down to the wire to get the last things settled on the home-front on Kauai. You know just a few things om the to …