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Baranca De Cobre (Copper Canyon)

With much anticipation we arrived in Topolabampo a bay we visited ten years ago aboard the Baja Ferry. This time we were on Meshach. This trip was a highlight for Thor and I years ago, and had been talked about on many occasions with our children. We love trains and we love sailing so this would be a a great package trip.

We arrived in the large bay after a very rough passage from Altata and headed straight to the new marina to clean the boat up and find a dentist before the weekend.  Nothing like biting into a popcorn kernel, and chipping a tooth. With the help of Alberto the marina agent we were on a bus to Los Mochis within an hour to visit the english speaking dentist.

Alberto Areola is a great source of information about the area, a one man chamber of commerce. Topolobampo itself is a sleepy little fishing port with a huge fleet of shrimpers, sadly most are in disrepair. But there is an obvious atempt by the town to spruce it up and make it more of a destination than a pit …