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Tsunami Drill Tenacatita

Well it took a tsunami to get us out of Tenacatita. We were asleep at 7 am when a fellow boater came by to say our radio was off and that there had just been a huge earthquake that had generated a tsunami and that we were being advised to take precautions. So unlike the normal precautions to move to higher ground, we set sail and head out to sea into deeper water. We were anchored in 10 feet of water and the suggestion was to be in at least 600 feet. So the fleet of boats quickly prepped and the bay with about 30 boats slowly emptied. It was a pretty sight seeing that many boats sailing out of the bay. We were calling it the Tsunami Regatta. Our sail south was beautiful and uneventful. We did still have a cell signal so we were able to keep in touch with our family and friends in Hawaii as they were now in the path of the tsunami. All is well and a possible disaster turned into an nonevent with a practice drill.

It was a little sad to leave a spot that we have fell in l…