October 15, 2017

Season of Change

October 2017 brought a lot of change.The past few months have been crazy! Who in there right mind buys a new boat,(yes we still have Meshach) rents their house, pulls their kids out of school, and takes off for a year in less than three months? That would be us!! We decided to buy a new boat in June. We didn't really have any intentions of buying a new boat, until we heard from a friend that he was selling our dream boat.

Call it mid-life crisis or just plain craziness, but we bought he boat in June with the goal of setting sail to the west coast in September. Why so fast? Winter storms start brewing in October sending not so good weather south from Alaska. So last few months were spent purchase of dream boat, delivery from Oahu, hauling the boat out in Nawiliwili, painting the bottom, and getting her ready for a Pacific crossing. Well that was Thor's list. I kept busy packing the house, renting it out, selling the cars, training two amazing women to run our business, all while trying to home school two kids.

Thor set sail for California mid September and arrived in Santa Barbara on the 1st. House rented, bags packed and anticipation to meet up with Thor on the 4th of October. We had a list a mile long, breakfast dates with friends and our final packing for our red-eye flight. The early morning hours brought heartbreaking news that Thor's mom was in the hospital in Los Angeles and not doing well. Thor rented a car and headed south to be with his mom, unfortunately she passed away on his way to the hospital.  Words can't describe the heartbreak of not being together to comfort him and having to tell Tristan and Sienna that their grandma passed away. They were so looking forward to spending time with her. This was their first experience of loss.

 We will all miss her laughter, having her on Kauai at Christmas and sharing time together as a family. Pam was always great about sharing articles and stories about other sailing adventures and we will miss sharing our adventures with her this time around. So this new adventure starts with the mantra that life is too short and you should live every day to the fullest, embrace what is most important to you and follow your dreams.  LIVE LAUGH LOVE...

September 19, 2017

The next chapter is fast approaching. Boats and sailing have pretty much been part of our life since we were married. Well actually even before we were married. This year we celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary. I know getting married at ten seems crazy!

Life was going along just dandy. Our kids are settled into life, with soccer, school, piano, gymnastics, biking, dirt-biking free diving.  Everything is really great except for the constant tug at the heart that keeps whispering, "Only three more years!"  How is it that our baby boy will be a sophomore in high school this year?  So we started planning on ways to spend more time together, unplug and make life a bit more interesting.

And this just happened.... New boat! New chapter.

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Life is crazy busy. I am down to the wire to get the last things settled on the home front on Kauai. You know just a few things. Pack the house, manage a business, sell two cars and a million other little things in between,  all while making sure the kids stay on track homeschooling.

So this will be my current excuse till I find the time. If you want to follow along on the track of Manu Kai check out  or follow along on Facebook

This will show the current position of the boat and boat speed.  We estimate all meeting up again first of October in Santa Barbara.

Temme Ohana

S/V Manu Kai

June 07, 2012

Home Again!

Back in Nawiliwili
At 5:30 Sunday morning the crew of  Meshach completed their 3000 mile journey to Kauai. In just 14 days of travel time and under reffed sails for 90 percent of the time the voyage was by all accounts successful. The guys were in good spirits and ready to be back.

Angela and Annie met Aaron and Kevin at the dock with leis and well I brought kids oops that would have been a nice touch. The crew were excited to see loved ones and be back on solid non moving ground After some photo taking ( thanks Mario and Alyssa) the crew was ready to head off to a fabulous Sunday brunch with Tastes of Hawaii. Music, friends and lots of yummy treats. This was a great way to celebrate the crossing.

Thor and I took advantage of being on a dock which is a rare thing for our boat. Off with the old and on with the new. All the extra stuff required for full time cruising was taken off the boat and the next two days were spent cleaning and prepping the boat for a summer in Hanalei Bay. The boat is now back in order and we are back to work and everyday life. Looking forward to weekends and extended times on the boat this summer.

June 02, 2012


Land Ho!
21 13 N
157 30 W
Yeah, cell phone reception! This is the view from Meshach now as they make their way around the east cape of Oahu Hawaii Kai and into Waikiki. They have two reefs in the sails. The accelerated winds in the Molokai Chanel and the washing machine like waters churn and make for a bumpy ride on their approach to solid ground. Everyone is in good spirits and excited to be closer to home.

As of early this morning they were about 20 miles from the Ala Wai. They will be calling port authorities for the official check in to the country and then plot their final leg of the trip to Kauai. They don't plan on staying long in the big city very long. They will probably have a meal made off the boat a nice long shower at the Waikiki Yacht Club and a bit of time enjoying just not moving.
One of these kids is not like the other!

June 01, 2012

In Hawaiian Waters

The wind has not let down for a bit. and as expected they should  be arriving on terra firma Saturday morning at the Ala Wai harbor. The last days have been a bit crazy on our home front . Sienna and I managed to pick up a nasty flu and were in bed for a few days. We still were able to finish the last of the two school projects including building a Oviraptor Dinosaur out of trash or recyclable  materials for Sienna's first grade class.  The project was earmarked for Thor but ended up being a mom/daughter project that we pulled off.

Yesterday Tristan was asked to sail on Ozone the Olsen30 the boat that Thor and Aaron race on when not on the high seas. It is the junior series and Tristan had a blast being on the water. He did say Meshach sails a lot different than than Ozone. The degree of heeling over must have had something to do with that. He had a blast and was energized for hours after that. A true sailor like his daddy for sure. We are all excited as the miles between us shortens every hour. Excited for a summer of getting reacquainted with boat lfe and excited to share it with friends old and new.

The original plan for the arrival was to make landfall in Hanalei Bay, but logistics and ease of cleaning the boat, offloading our year of shells, rocks and other things, getting it ready for summer and to make it easier for friends and family to come down and visit and see them as they sail in.  The final destination for this voyage will be our home port Nawiliwili on Kauai.
Today's position as of 6:00 am
21 07N
154 05W
Ozone Missing there Crew

Tristan Sailing on Ozone for the Junior Series
Sienna still pretty wiped out but happy dino is done

May 31, 2012

All Sails are Flying and Fresh Fish Dinner

The wind has backed off and it sounds as if the last few days at sea might just be the most enjoyable. For the first time since leaving Cabo San Lucas all the sails are flying. Both the main sails are flying high and the spinnaker is full. Yesterday they caught a nice Mahi Mahi that they cooked up breaded style and will have the rest today.

With the wind and sea calming down it has given them the energy to do some domestics including showers, sheet changes and for at least Thor a clean shave. He is getting a little bit of badgering from the crew for not conforming to their pirate ways. All is well and the ETA for Oahu is Saturday.

21 20N 150 24W
7-9KTS  Boat Speed
420 Miles to Ala Wai

May 30, 2012

Three weeks and Counting. by Angela

I asked Angela if she wanted to write a post to add to the blog, First I personally wanted to thank Angela for giving up Aaron for the last three weeks, especially since she did not know us very well before this trip, had no previous knowledge of our boat, Thor's experience or what the trip actually entailed. It is a big commitment to take off on a trip like this leaving work, responsibilities, family and friends on a pretty significant journey. Aaron and Kevin both have been a great addition to the entire trip. It's not all fun and games prepping a boat that sat unattended for a year and a half. Their first 48 hours was traveling and lots of work getting the boat ready. They did manage a few fun times including the last 11 days at sea. The trip is winding down and we are all anxious for them to be home.
Today their position is:

21 10N 147

I am so grateful to Tanya for keeping up with the blog, so that I have something to
reference to as well as the e-mail texts and few minute conversations over the SAT
phone that I have received from Aaron throughout the trip. I’ve been e-mailing w
the Martin family as well, they are thankful to feel a part of things through these
methods as well.

Aaron had really expressed his excitement about this trip and how much it would
mean to him to not only gain the experience of such a huge endeavor, but to sign
off on a bucket-list caliber undertaking. The weeks in preparation endured a lot of
forethought about all the major and minor details that would be imperative to be
ready for as his position as first mate. His experience at Class Afloat and years of
being the water-man that he is, has given him ample knowledge on the minutiae of
his craft. He also spent countless hours preparing to take epic pictures & video’s to
document the boy’s journey. A big part of this crossing for Aaron as well was to get
a chance to write, he has that internal nature that is expressed through writing, and
this would be the perfect opportunity for him to focus a bit on that.

From his departure with Thor on May 9th, Aaron has done everything he can to
keep me updated on his experiences, in Loreto; the yummy Mexican food, to
the sanding of clams & barnacles for hours and sleep deprivation. To La Paz; the
Temme’s friends and family, meeting  up with Kevin, the continual sanding of the hull, to
provisioning. From down to Cabo; the tourist trap! And countless details in between.

Now out at sea for going on 2 solid weeks. It seems as though the boys are a stable
team. They have all been pushing onward with huge effort to take shifts throughout
the days; being on watch, to resting, to renewing. I’m not sure how much cooking
is happening, but if I know Aaron, he likes to eat a decent meal, or meals. However,
every time we’ve talked, he has mentioned that he’s due for a solid shower! Sounds
like they are all a bit salty…. Yum. I’ll make sure to prepare myself for that on their

Aaron has said sleeping has been a bit difficult for him this time around. He’s been
resting, but the solid hours of sleep are sparse. The adrenalin of the entire thing
I’m sure has been a contributing factor. I know I do not sleep well on boats, I cannot
imagine trying to sleep while going 15-19 knots. PHEW!

He is quite ready to have the comforts of home again. I think he will have a long hot
shower, a fresh meal and then be ready to sleep, probably for a few days straight!
It will take a bit to reintegrate into a daily routine, but the sweetness and bounty of
Kauai and the love in our house will make it a wonderful reunion.