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One Boat One Head Two Familes Six Nights Tons Of Fun!

I never could of imagined that we could sleep eight people on Meshach but we did and we had a great time doing it.  Of course it takes the right kind of people to pull something like this off. Our friends from Kauai..David, Amy, Sasha and Max proved to be great guest and champion boaters.. The first rule of boating is that you have to be flexible and easy going and this combo of families fell right into place.  We took off from the dock of Marina Nayarit headed for Yelapa with an open itinerary and an open mind.   Day one we spent sailing to Los Arcos were we all snorkeled off the boat.
We then dropped the hook in Yelapa a small fishing village-hippie hangout in a valley on the south end of Banderass Bay that is only accessible by boat. Our anchorage was a little rocky but we  managed to spend two fun filled days exploring the valley, doing yoga and a great hike to the waterfall at top of the valley.  We  rewarded ourselves with a yummy tamale dinner at the local kindergarten fundrais…

Boys Trip Corbetena Reef

So the morning after the races the boys left for a dive trip to Corbetena Reef a rock about twenty miles out of Banderas Bay where the spearfishing is supposed to be world class.  The crew consisted of Captain Thor first Mate Tristan Deck Swabies Max and Sasha, Dave and Ethan aka Enzo.
The Mission: Spear fish.

This is not a novice place to take spear divers, this is were the big game spear fishers come to try and land big game fish.  Ethan who we have nicknamed Enzo is a very experienced diver and part of a spear diving club had a mission to spear a hundred pound something..  Dave and the boys were happy to just be in the water spearing anything and Thor, well given the fact that you could not anchor the boat was in charge of keeping the boat close and keeping an eye on the divers in the water.

We heard from the boys via Nancy on Eyoni who said all was well and they would be anchoring in Punta De Mita for the night and surfing in the morning and should expect to see them in the after…

Ragatta Finale

Three days of racing on the bay in perfect conditions and with a fun diverse crew.  Day two of racing was a long course 21 miles so the the kids and I chose to sit this one out and hit the pool at Paradise.  You can't resist the crocodile slide and pool side Bingo. We waited with anticipation to hear the results of day two and were excited to hear a big congratulations Meshach!  The crew of Thor, Ethan, Andy and David pulled up to the dock with some exciting stories of the day out on the water.  We all celebrated with a trip up the crocodile river in the dinghy to  Fajita Republic a fun restaurant with a great ambiance.  There are not too many restaurants that you can pull up in an inflatable.

The final day of racing was exciting and very rewarding as we again took first beating many of the bigger boats over the line.. Thor was so in his element and excited to see the changes on the boat be so dramatic. It was fun having our friends from Kauai.  We topped off the week of sailing w…

Banderas Bay Regatta RACE 1

Nine years later we are back in Banderas Bay again and racing Meshach in the BBR.  Thor has been thinking about this for probably just as long.  The idea of racing our home made me feel a little nervous but it was fun to see how well we did against boast that were decades younger than us substantially more modern.  I must say that Meshach  Rocks!  The  original design and forward thinking of the builder and a lot of recent TLC (aka 6 week haul out turned 4 years lol) has made some amazing improvements to this boat.  It was a fun time racing old and new friends as well. The first day of racing was crewed by Thor Tanya, Tristan (7) Max (7) Ethan from S/V  Eyoni and Andy from M/Y Tully.  Race results are posted in the link for all Thor's racing friends at home , but the short version is Meshach  was over the line early... due to color blindness of the starting mark actually the guys didn't follow the direction... What is  it with guys and directions  ha ha ha ... but even after a…

Warning Crocodiles !

Don't be alarmed they are just little crocodiles. 6 or 7 feet in length . No worries our INFLATABLE transportation is 10 feet. Yes just another day in the Puerto Vallarta Marina! But, of course no hands and feet in the water. Just one of the many adventures of life on the boat.

Las Hadas Resort-

You would of thought we were sailing in the Mediterranean when we pulled into this sweet little anchorage north of downtown Manzanillo. The white washed building hanging to the hillside were only broken up by the rich colors of Bougainvillea. We enjoyed a great hike to the top of the hill and a fun swim at the pool, free of charge, well we did order a Pina Colada. The resort invite boaters to enjoy the pool and the resort for a small charge.. Luck had it no one was collecting that day so they just said to enjoy a drink by the pool. So that is what we did. I think the fact that this 500 room is close to empty could have been part of reason.

A little trivia on the place.. The movie Ten was shot here in the 80's with Bo Derek . Also the peninsula is also supposed to be the most expensive real estate in Mexico. No doubt by the beautiful homes that sit high on the hill behind their gates.

This would be as far south as we go this season and it was a nice way to wrap up the …


Manzanillo was quite a change from the slow paced life of Tenacatita. Manzanillo is the busiest port in all Mexico and it was obvious by the constant flow of huge cargo ships entering and exiting the harbor. We were the only sailboat anchored in the downtown anchorage, and stayed one night having fun watching all the cargo ships come and go through the night as well as the trains that passed right by the waterfront. We took the local bus through town and to the Sorrianna where we were able to do some good provisioning. We arrived after dark via taxi and offloaded our groceries at the front of the Chinese restaurant where they kindly let us tie up our dinghy free of charge. We got some funny looks from the patrons as we walked through the restaurant with arm loads of groceries and two kids in tow. I am sure the looks got better as we climbed down the rusty ladder and loaded our cargo into the dingy. The next morning we went to pull up anchor and were really stuck.. After ma…