Boys Trip Corbetena Reef

So the morning after the races the boys left for a dive trip to Corbetena Reef a rock about twenty miles out of Banderas Bay where the spearfishing is supposed to be world class.  The crew consisted of Captain Thor first Mate Tristan Deck Swabies Max and Sasha, Dave and Ethan aka Enzo.
The Mission: Spear fish.

This is not a novice place to take spear divers, this is were the big game spear fishers come to try and land big game fish.  Ethan who we have nicknamed Enzo is a very experienced diver and part of a spear diving club had a mission to spear a hundred pound something..  Dave and the boys were happy to just be in the water spearing anything and Thor, well given the fact that you could not anchor the boat was in charge of keeping the boat close and keeping an eye on the divers in the water.

We heard from the boys via Nancy on Eyoni who said all was well and they would be anchoring in Punta De Mita for the night and surfing in the morning and should expect to see them in the afternoon the following day with their fish tales.  The mission was a success and the pictures are indeed are worth a thousand words.


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