Ragatta Finale

Three days of racing on the bay in perfect conditions and with a fun diverse crew.  Day two of racing was a long course 21 miles so the the kids and I chose to sit this one out and hit the pool at Paradise.  You can't resist the crocodile slide and pool side Bingo. We waited with anticipation to hear the results of day two and were excited to hear a big congratulations Meshach!  The crew of Thor, Ethan, Andy and David pulled up to the dock with some exciting stories of the day out on the water.  We all celebrated with a trip up the crocodile river in the dinghy to  Fajita Republic a fun restaurant with a great ambiance.  There are not too many restaurants that you can pull up in an inflatable.

The final day of racing was exciting and very rewarding as we again took first beating many of the bigger boats over the line.. Thor was so in his element and excited to see the changes on the boat be so dramatic. It was fun having our friends from Kauai.  We topped off the week of sailing with the Mexican Buffet and awards dinner. The boys all wore their Meshach crew shirts and looked the part of a yacht crew. The kids were so proud and had fun going up to collect the award. Go team Meshach!


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