Manzanillo was quite a change from the slow paced life of Tenacatita. Manzanillo is the busiest port in all Mexico and it was obvious by the constant flow of huge cargo ships entering and exiting the harbor. We were the only sailboat anchored in the downtown anchorage, and stayed one night having fun watching all the cargo ships come and go through the night as well as the trains that passed right by the waterfront. We took the local bus through town and to the Sorrianna where we were able to do some good provisioning. We arrived after dark via taxi and offloaded our groceries at the front of the Chinese restaurant where they kindly let us tie up our dinghy free of charge. We got some funny looks from the patrons as we walked through the restaurant with arm loads of groceries and two kids in tow. I am sure the looks got better as we climbed down the rusty ladder and loaded our cargo into the dingy. The next morning we went to pull up anchor and were really stuck.. After many attempts to get unstuck we had to hire a local diver with tanks to unhook us. The diver was amazed that a bite of our chain slipped through a hole in the bottom of a sunken panga and was hooked on debris under the wreck. It was a good thing that the wind was calm and we were not putting to much strain on the boat. A crow bar, thirty minutes and 500 pesos later we were free and headed off for some pool time at the Las Hadas Resort

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