Three weeks and Counting. by Angela

I asked Angela if she wanted to write a post to add to the blog, First I personally wanted to thank Angela for giving up Aaron for the last three weeks, especially since she did not know us very well before this trip, had no previous knowledge of our boat, Thor's experience or what the trip actually entailed. It is a big commitment to take off on a trip like this leaving work, responsibilities, family and friends on a pretty significant journey. Aaron and Kevin both have been a great addition to the entire trip. It's not all fun and games prepping a boat that sat unattended for a year and a half. Their first 48 hours was traveling and lots of work getting the boat ready. They did manage a few fun times including the last 11 days at sea. The trip is winding down and we are all anxious for them to be home.
Today their position is:

21 10N 147

I am so grateful to Tanya for keeping up with the blog, so that I have something to
reference to as well as the e-mail texts and few minute conversations over the SAT
phone that I have received from Aaron throughout the trip. I’ve been e-mailing w
the Martin family as well, they are thankful to feel a part of things through these
methods as well.

Aaron had really expressed his excitement about this trip and how much it would
mean to him to not only gain the experience of such a huge endeavor, but to sign
off on a bucket-list caliber undertaking. The weeks in preparation endured a lot of
forethought about all the major and minor details that would be imperative to be
ready for as his position as first mate. His experience at Class Afloat and years of
being the water-man that he is, has given him ample knowledge on the minutiae of
his craft. He also spent countless hours preparing to take epic pictures & video’s to
document the boy’s journey. A big part of this crossing for Aaron as well was to get
a chance to write, he has that internal nature that is expressed through writing, and
this would be the perfect opportunity for him to focus a bit on that.

From his departure with Thor on May 9th, Aaron has done everything he can to
keep me updated on his experiences, in Loreto; the yummy Mexican food, to
the sanding of clams & barnacles for hours and sleep deprivation. To La Paz; the
Temme’s friends and family, meeting  up with Kevin, the continual sanding of the hull, to
provisioning. From down to Cabo; the tourist trap! And countless details in between.

Now out at sea for going on 2 solid weeks. It seems as though the boys are a stable
team. They have all been pushing onward with huge effort to take shifts throughout
the days; being on watch, to resting, to renewing. I’m not sure how much cooking
is happening, but if I know Aaron, he likes to eat a decent meal, or meals. However,
every time we’ve talked, he has mentioned that he’s due for a solid shower! Sounds
like they are all a bit salty…. Yum. I’ll make sure to prepare myself for that on their

Aaron has said sleeping has been a bit difficult for him this time around. He’s been
resting, but the solid hours of sleep are sparse. The adrenalin of the entire thing
I’m sure has been a contributing factor. I know I do not sleep well on boats, I cannot
imagine trying to sleep while going 15-19 knots. PHEW!

He is quite ready to have the comforts of home again. I think he will have a long hot
shower, a fresh meal and then be ready to sleep, probably for a few days straight!
It will take a bit to reintegrate into a daily routine, but the sweetness and bounty of
Kauai and the love in our house will make it a wonderful reunion.


  1. Angela,
    Your blog was poetic and detailed. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on the adventure.

    Ps. I have had the pleasure of being with Aaron on an 18 day adventure of no showering. I'm happy for both of you that he is stopping on Oahu first. :)
    Please keep us up to date on when the men are arriving Kauai. I'd love to see Meshach come in.

  2. Thanks Leigh! I will def keep you updated, as it's looking like Sunday am in Nawiliwili harbor. I am also glad they will be stopping in Oahu 1st, hopefully a shower will be on the top of the priority list :)
    xoxo- Ange

    1. I may have to rearrange some Taste of Hawaii plans :) Drop me a text when you have a good idea. We will actually be paddling canoe in Nawiliwili Sunday morning. I'm sure you are excited to have Aaron home. Thanks for keeping me updated.


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