In Hawaiian Waters

The wind has not let down for a bit. and as expected they should  be arriving on terra firma Saturday morning at the Ala Wai harbor. The last days have been a bit crazy on our home front . Sienna and I managed to pick up a nasty flu and were in bed for a few days. We still were able to finish the last of the two school projects including building a Oviraptor Dinosaur out of trash or recyclable  materials for Sienna's first grade class.  The project was earmarked for Thor but ended up being a mom/daughter project that we pulled off.

Yesterday Tristan was asked to sail on Ozone the Olsen30 the boat that Thor and Aaron race on when not on the high seas. It is the junior series and Tristan had a blast being on the water. He did say Meshach sails a lot different than than Ozone. The degree of heeling over must have had something to do with that. He had a blast and was energized for hours after that. A true sailor like his daddy for sure. We are all excited as the miles between us shortens every hour. Excited for a summer of getting reacquainted with boat lfe and excited to share it with friends old and new.

The original plan for the arrival was to make landfall in Hanalei Bay, but logistics and ease of cleaning the boat, offloading our year of shells, rocks and other things, getting it ready for summer and to make it easier for friends and family to come down and visit and see them as they sail in.  The final destination for this voyage will be our home port Nawiliwili on Kauai.
Today's position as of 6:00 am
21 07N
154 05W
Ozone Missing there Crew

Tristan Sailing on Ozone for the Junior Series
Sienna still pretty wiped out but happy dino is done


  1. Tristan did great in Ozone's race. His eyes got big a few times when the boat heeled over. we definitely missed Aaron and Thor and are looking forward to having them back on Ozone.

  2. We missed him at the club. We had my 12 year old grandson on Fast Company and his younger bro at the club.

  3. Go, Tristan! That is great - so psyched for him. Looks like he was having a blast. So sorry to hear you and Sienna were under the weather - what a bummer. It's a good thing you don't have much going on there on the island ;-) But supermama that you are you pulled it all off - and with panache - love that dinosaur! Go, Temme girls!


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