Back On The Hook

After a month in marinas and multiple anchorages in Puerto Vallarta we are now back to life on the anchor. It is always hard to leave the conveniences of the Marinas, but so much nicer once you leave. We headed south from La Cruz and had an overnight sail under full moon and great conditions to Chamela. We met up with some friends on journey and anchored off one of the islands for some snorkeling and playing on the beach. The kids on journey along with Sienna and Tristan collected over 200 + Hermit crabs in a matter of 30 minutes. Their bucket was alive, but thankfully they all agreed to release them before we returned to the boats. We are now in the very nice bay of Tenacatita where we have met up with lots of kid boats. Tristan and Sienna are having so much fun. Tristan has mastered dingy driving and has a lot of Independence to ferry himself and friends back and forth from the boats. Sienna is very outgoing and loves to try out her Spanish when she meets the local children. It is too cute. Some of the highlights of the last month have been the Sea Turtle release, the whales, meeting up with friends and exploring new places.

The first few days were spent relaxing and enjoying our new home. Yesterday the bay was covered by dark rain clouds so we spent most of the morning catching up on home school and chores. When the sky's cleared we took off for the jungle tour through the crocodile filled estuary. The trip up river was fun. We raced two other kid boats tenders up the river. Sienna decided to stay with her new friend Zayda and the girls from Qualchan also hung back as we took the high spirited 7, 8, and 9 year old boys for an adventure up stream. The jungle ride was fun. We tied up to the dock of the little village of Tenacatita, and had lunch at the beach side Palapas. Our Trip was cut short when the hand held radio came to life "Meshach Meshach" . Friends on Iyoni and Dog Star were hailing us to let us know that the winds had picked up and we should return ASAP.. They were awesome and went aboard Meshach and took our awning down and made sure we were not dragging.

The Men took one dingy back to the boats while the moms picked up a few provisions. The trip back was eventful as we were now navigating the river at a low tide with a current pushing us. We got back to the bay and were not able to make it out of the river and back to the boats. We waited on shore as the husbands secured the boats, and then made our way through the wind and waves.

The evening would bring with it more excitement as the winds piped up, the heavens opened and an 8 hour lightning show that surpassed any New Years or Fourth of July fireworks display. The whole bay would light up as if it was daybreak and the sound of thunder. One one-thousand , two one-thousand Three... BOOM it was moving closer fast and we prayed it would not hit the mast. The radio was busy all night with boats moving to the other side of the bay, other boats dragging , and some just commenting on the spectacular show that was happening before our eyes. It's really amazing the power of nature. especially when you are living so close to it.

Loving life on the hook!

Meshach Crew clear and standing by....


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