Sea Creatures on the Bay in Puerto Vallarta by Tristan

We saw some whales when we sailed to Punta de Mita. The Humpback Whales are here to have their calves. The whales were really close to Meshach and we had fun watching them. My favorite animal was the sea turtles. I got to hold and release the baby sea turtles that were only 24 hours old. I hope my turtle makes it and I hope that all the other turtles make it. Only 1 in 100 usually make it. It was cute to see them walk into the sea at sunset. Later we saw them hatching out of the nest. The nest is a hole in the sand that is two feet down. They are underground for 45-60 days. I also saw puffer fish, dolphins and bat rays. I love sea creatures.
By Tristan


  1. Hola Tristan!

    It sounds like you are having a lot of fun experiences. We are so happy for you but miss you very much.

    Don't forget to thank Dad and Mom for taking you on this exciting adventure.

    We love you and really enjoy reading about your travels and seeing all the pictures.

    Papa G and Gramma G


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