The Faithfull Albatross

Today marks day 12 into the voyage across the Pacific. I had a little adrenalin boost when I received the phone call this morning . I answered our routine morning call with "Hi Honey" and the voice back was familiar but not right. Steve answered back with, "Hi Tanya It's Steve" my reply was "Is Thor OK" Steve casually replies "Oh yeah he's hand steering we are doing 10 and 11 knots so he is at the helm" My heart stopped for a mere three seconds with every tragic thought running through my head.. Anyway all is fine . Steve just wanted to send a message.

Hi Friends and Family this has been an amazing adventure so far, I probably will not be back on the tenth. We are having a great time. I have been eating better on the boat than I have at home. Thanks Tanya!
I liked that.

And Larry ..... NO you can not have my Patron just yet!

Position for Sept 1
147.04 West
sailing 10-11 knots in 17 knots of wind from the north.

They are all out of shorts now and the fashion of the moment fleece or anything dry. Steve got a wave over the head as he was on the phone this morning. There goes one more set of dry clothes. They have had a fairly uneventful trip so far. The one thing they look forward to is the faithful albatross that shows up every morning and evening. The sea bird has been following them for the past 8 days. They thought he changed course when they decided to tack, but showed up again this morning for morning roll call. The kids want to know if we can keep it as a pet.

They are thinking about opening their halfway gifts today or tomorrow... Stay tuned for the excitement. Ha Ha!


  1. Gosh Steve... I wish you would have told me that earlier.... lol

  2. I love the albatross story! That's one faithful bird! I was very bummed to miss Steve's call yesterday. I tried texting to the number that showed up on my phone but I don't know if it worked. Would you mind emailing the number to me so we can text them? My email is:

    Thanks Tanya!


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