700 Miles To Go....

Today at 11 am the boat was 735 miles from SB and sailing along at 9-14 knots in 3-4 foot seas from every direction.
They are at 36.06N 135 West

Given that they have been out there for two weeks they still appear to be having fun. I am having a little fun of my own trying to fit a years worth of worldly possessions in one small suitcase. Yippee!

The impact of leaving is starting to hit and it comes with mixed emotions. we are getting so excited to be finally doing it!

Tomorrow the kids and I will board the jumbo jet and in 6 hours we will cover the same distance that will take the boys 2 1/2 weeks. fifteen minutes of flying is equal to a day on the water. Wow! Now that really puts it into perspective . The kids might finally get it. Keiki question of the day.... ...
Is Daddy already passed Honolulu?

It has been a long and very non child friendly last few months. As Tristan says, " Mom are we ever going to have fun?" Despite the long days and the unstructured madness, my children have been amazing, despite my moments of insanity.

We have worked hard to put it all together and it's nice to see the results from all the hard work. But with the joys there is a bit of sadness as well. We leave behind our island home, our wonderful family and some pretty amazing friends. Wait! Now why are we leaving?

Oh that's right ...Adventure, wanderlust and a chance to create spectacular memories with our children. So with smiles on our faces, excitement in our minds and desire in our hearts we launch this next chapter in our lives.

We are looking forward to sharing our adventures and hearing from you as well.

Aloha Kauai! A Hui Hou


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