Spinaker Speed and Shout Outs!

36.28 North
39.28 West
SW Winds 15- 20 Great Conditions
976 Miles to go

"It was the most beautiful night sailing ever" ... Thor

The crew sailed all day Wednesday under spinnaker sail until they took it down at midnight. The conditions were amazing, with comfortable temperatures, clear skies and a really nice boat speed.

Now as far as speed they are booking.... They hit their record for this trip 18.7 knots which is equivalent to 20 mph.. they are averaging 15 knots for the last few hours. The sailing feels safe and controlled and if they can keep the boat moving, they might even get there ahead of us.

Steve to Rich "Spikes! Yes"
"Hi Mom"
and a Shout Out to his Peeps at Island Soap! Yes SP that means you.

From the crew a big shout out to Tony Lehoven


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