What Time is It in Mexico?

With Christmas behind us and the New Year fast approaching we are trying to figure out what our itinerary for 2010 will be. Our thoughts and ideas change as quickly as the clock , and the clock is something we need to figure out. Since leaving San Diego I don't think I have known what the correct time has been. From San Diego to Cabo we were on Baja Ha Ha time, not Baja time but HA Ha time. This was for the ease of the cruising rally so that all the boats stayed on the same time. Now I could look at the time on my phone but for some reason it always was an hour behind. I think it somehow was on LA time. Now we just crossed the Sea and our on the Mainland Coast in Puerto Vallarta where it all just gets more confusing. The Banderas Bay falls on two States, Jalisco and Nayarit. We arrived in La Cruz which is in Nayarit with our clocks still set on La Paz time. The Airport is is Nayarit, but because most of the tourist stay in Pv, which is in Jalisco everyone supposedly follows the Jalisco time in order not to confuse flight times, excursions etc. So being that We are not in Jalisco, but Nayarit,and not the typical tourist, it has been hard to find out what time it really is. Even the locals are confused by this. ( Are you following?)

So yesterday we took some friends from Jalisco and Nayarit out sailing. We sailed north from the Marina to Punta de Mita were we will be for a few days to surf and explore. We were all treated to a nice sail and catching a nice size Sierra along the way. So after a relax on the hook and a fresh lunch of ceviche everyone needed to know what time it was to be able to catch their buses back to their respective towns, the problem was no one had a watch, and the boat clock is still La Paz time. (which very well could be Nayarit time)

So to make it easy we have now decided to be on Manana time.
As for the Itinerary for 2010 I guess it looks like we will figure that out Manana.


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