Life In The Islands

The last few weeks have been a big blur. Everyday rolls into the next and the days are packed full of adventure and projects. We spent a few weeks in La Paz doing boat projects and exploring. Jesse left the boat and has gone onto to Mainland Mexico where he is exploring Banderas Bay (PV). It was excellent having him aboard for the past month or so. The few weeks we spent in the island off of La Paz. Our first stop was Caleta Lobos and as you can see from the pix posted last we hit some dry land with the boat... Yes this was on purpose and proved to be a lot of fun. With the full moon and the drastic tidal range we were able to careen the boat to allow Thor to re-pitch the engine prop and clean the bottom without getting wet. We anchored in the morning of the tide change and slowly watched as the water left the bottom of the boat. We had about 24 hours before we were completely floating again. It was fun experience minus the continuous swarming of wasp.

The next morning we sailed up to Isla Ispiritu Santos with our friends on Gypsy Wind. We enjoyed one of our favorite anchorages kayaking, skurfing, hiking and a great bonfire on the beach.


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