October 15, 2017

Season of Change

October 2017 brought a lot of change.The past few months have been crazy! Who in there right mind buys a new boat,(yes we still have Meshach) rents their house, pulls their kids out of school, and takes off for a year in less than three months? That would be us!! We decided to buy a new boat in June. We didn't really have any intentions of buying a new boat, until we heard from a friend that he was selling our dream boat.

Call it mid-life crisis or just plain craziness, but we bought he boat in June with the goal of setting sail to the west coast in September. Why so fast? Winter storms start brewing in October sending not so good weather south from Alaska. So last few months were spent purchase of dream boat, delivery from Oahu, hauling the boat out in Nawiliwili, painting the bottom, and getting her ready for a Pacific crossing. Well that was Thor's list. I kept busy packing the house, renting it out, selling the cars, training two amazing women to run our business, all while trying to home school two kids.

Thor set sail for California mid September and arrived in Santa Barbara on the 1st. House rented, bags packed and anticipation to meet up with Thor on the 4th of October. We had a list a mile long, breakfast dates with friends and our final packing for our red-eye flight. The early morning hours brought heartbreaking news that Thor's mom was in the hospital in Los Angeles and not doing well. Thor rented a car and headed south to be with his mom, unfortunately she passed away on his way to the hospital.  Words can't describe the heartbreak of not being together to comfort him and having to tell Tristan and Sienna that their grandma passed away. They were so looking forward to spending time with her. This was their first experience of loss.

 We will all miss her laughter, having her on Kauai at Christmas and sharing time together as a family. Pam was always great about sharing articles and stories about other sailing adventures and we will miss sharing our adventures with her this time around. So this new adventure starts with the mantra that life is too short and you should live every day to the fullest, embrace what is most important to you and follow your dreams.  LIVE LAUGH LOVE...

September 19, 2017

The next chapter is fast approaching. Boats and sailing have pretty much been part of our life since we were married. Well actually even before we were married. This year we celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary. I know getting married at ten seems crazy!

Life was going along just dandy. Our kids are settled into life, with soccer, school, piano, gymnastics, biking, dirt-biking free diving.  Everything is really great except for the constant tug at the heart that keeps whispering, "Only three more years!"  How is it that our baby boy will be a sophomore in high school this year?  So we started planning on ways to spend more time together, unplug and make life a bit more interesting.

And this just happened.... New boat! New chapter.

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Life is crazy busy. I am down to the wire to get the last things settled on the home front on Kauai. You know just a few things. Pack the house, manage a business, sell two cars and a million other little things in between,  all while making sure the kids stay on track homeschooling.

So this will be my current excuse till I find the time. If you want to follow along on the track of Manu Kai check out  or follow along on Facebook

This will show the current position of the boat and boat speed.  We estimate all meeting up again first of October in Santa Barbara.

Temme Ohana

S/V Manu Kai