Time is flying by and the list are slowly being checked off , but new list generate everyday to take the place of the task that are done. We are packing, packing and more packing. Nothing like have your timeline shortened by one month. We are in full speed now to have the house packed and ready for tenants one month early. It feels as if we will never finish! Where is the light at the end of the tunnel? Our family of four is getting ready to do some serious downsizing. We are 90% done with packing up the house and 50% done with getting Meshach ( our 45 foot sailboat AKA La Casa ready for full time live aboard. I am torn by the prospects of life aboard. My landlubber side doesn't see how we are going to fit all four of us and our stuff aboard our home on water, and my carefree side, the side I like to think is my good side can't wait to simplify our life and just have fun as a family with as little as possible, It is amazing to see how much crap we really accumulate in a period of seven years. Yes. It has been seven years since we moved back to land life. The seven year itch! HM MM.... So here we go of for a sailing adventure again. This time it will read like this.... Same husband, same boat, (both much improved), similar itinerary and the amazing addition of our two lovely children. They are the the catalyst to this adventure and this lifestyle change. We cant wait to show them the world.


  1. The trip sounds amazing. Don't worry, you will love downsizing. Terry and I did! We are jealous that we need to wait another 3 years before taking on an adventure of that magnitude. So are you leaving earlier? We will be back on island Aug. 25. I know Thor will be gone, but will we miss you as well?


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