Aug 24

OK All is well. Today's position is
28.24 North
157.12 west
Winds 15 ENE
Boat Speed 8-9 knots
Skies are partly cloudy and squally conditions
Barometer reads 1018

This is an image of the wind direction and speed for today. Imagine the lines are flags and the tails show the direction that the wind is blowing. Every tail represents 10 knots of wind and 1/2 a tail is 5 knots.
So based their position, they better take a right hand turn and head east.

They where in good spirits and eating a deluxe omelet that Steve whipped up. They weren't complaining about the food weight now! They were very thankful for their gourmet eats...


  1. Yo Ho Yo Ho.... the pirates lif for me!

  2. I looked for Thor as I flew over this afternoon but couldn't see him, I hope the coast guard does a better job then my passive glimers from the left side of the aircraft.

  3. This is awesome. I love being able to see where they are. I used and entered the coords like this "+28.24, -157.12". The "+" is North, and "-" is West. Hope to see you Sat.

  4. HI Tanya, This is Steve's friend Patricia from Canada... I love your blog! It's great to track the boy :) Please text them saying that there is a slip waiting for them in Vancouver if they feel like heading north once they get to the mainland :} Aloha, P.


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