Day 5 180 Miles

Just got the update from Kara (Adams Wife) I am glad she got the call but missed hearing Thor's voice, even though it's only for a millisecond and we only talk about the weather.

Aug 25 @ 0:700
30 degrees 51 minutes North
156 degrees 33 minutes West

They are doing 4.5 knots right now but were averaging 7-8 during the night. They did about 180 miles in 24 hours which is pretty good.

On day two out they did catch a baby Mahi Mahi that was just big enough for lunch for the three of them. I hoped they used the tortillas for fish tacos. Yes! that's me micromanaging.

A cold front was approaching that should bring a southwesterly breeze that will be favorable for them.
Kara was happy to hear his voice and said Adam was pretty sure at this rate he would miss a bachelor party in Tahoe, but it is still early in the trip so you never know. Other than a Tropic Bird they haven't seen much sea life, and have only spotted two ships.

The Keiki and I are counting the days and checking off our list.


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