Finally Some Wind

Aug 29
33.53 North
152.12 North
10 knots of wind from the SW doing 6 knots

After 20 hours of the running the engine they have finally found the pocket of wind they need. According to the weather maps and the weather router they should be getting NW winds later today and start putting some miles behind them.

Not much to report other than, Espressos and Biscotti for breakfast,they are hoping to catch a fish for lunch, and Steve spotted a ship on his night watch passing them and headed to Hawaii. Ooh Exciting! I am being sarcastic. Thor was hoping to catch up on reading. In the last few years it's been nothing other than how to books or operation manuals. No excuses now.

At day ten they are still not at the halfway point. So all those nice halfway presents are still sitting to be opened.

I might just have to stay a few days longer and enjoy some Kauai beach time with friends and family.


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