Happy Birthday princess

Happy Bday to you happy Bday to you Happy Bday Little one Happy B day to You! "Ok Now get in the car , Where late for the plane. oops I forgot my purse, Wheres the phone? DAD! Can you help me with the car seat ? Wait know there is something else..Oh yeah maybe a few more hours of sleep... Nothing like packing it all in. I said good bye to the house last night at 10 pm after a long day of final packing, said good bye to Thor who sailed to Oahu.. and got out of the final packing. Had a sauna and a glass of wine and reflected on all the work that we have done.. Then back to Mom and Dads where I hope the kids are fast asleep and pack for the three of us for our four day trip to Oahu. All this and get up at 5 to catch a 7am flight.

Ok well we did it. We are in the car and on our way! Tristan was so excited to get on an airplane that he was up at 3 am. So much for smooth sailing today!

Well we made it in one piece and had a wonderful, action packed memorable adventure. Someone needs to remind us to slow down.

Sienna's Itinerary for the trip included seeing a giraffe at the Honolulu Zoo, Surfing Waikiki, seeing family and wanting to buy new shoes.
We did it all and saw Thor off in the Channel race from Ko Olina back to Kauai.

Go Daddy Go!

I need a nap!


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