Meshach Departs

After four years of hard work refitting Meshach and months of preparing her and our family for this exciting adventure Meshach, has finally lifted her sails and presently charges northbound into the vast Pacific. Thor, Steve and Adam left this afternoon at 1:58 pm from Nawiliwili, Kauai. With overcast skies, a dampness in the air and white capped seas they sailed under reefed mains as family and friends watched from the dock. Tristan and I drove to the Ninini Lighthouse and arrived just as they were clearing the headland of Ninini Point. We called to say our final farewells and their spirits seemed as lively as the seas. There were tears of joy for so much accomplished, joined with tears of sadness as my best friend and our home for the next year set off into the vast Pacific. I am comforted by the combined knowledge and experience of the crew, the dedication to a long project and knowing that Thor is with two amazing friends.

At 6:00 we received our last call as they sailed out of cell range. Thor said Kauai was fading from view and he was ready to hit the pillow for some much needed shut eye. From here on we will be in contact by Iridium Satellite phone. We should hear from them tomorrow and I will post their position, sea conditions and comments. We are all putting our guesses in for the passage time. If you want to add your guess leave it in comments.


  1. nice blog with nice stories and picts. i like it so much.

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  3. Ahh - miss the boat and crew already! The updates are great.


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