Seas Calming

UPDATE! All is well on the high seas. The seas have calmed down and they are sailing in 2 foot seas with the ENE wind blowing a nice 15 Knots. The boat speed in 8-9 knots and they are all feeling great. The boats position @ 08:00 was 26.36 north 157.54 west.
Track the boat here
Our phone calls are to the point. Where are you? Are you ok? How far have you traveled? Not much material to add to the blog. I am sure there will be plenty of fish tales on the other side.

For now the land based Temme clan is busy finishing up "THE LIST" to transition into boat life. Wow ! It wasn't this hard last time around. I am looking forward to the simple life.


  1. Tanya,

    Thanks for keeping us up to date. Cherie and I are putting the coordinates into Google Earth each day. We hope to be one of the first familiar faces they see on the mainland, when we head to Santa Barbara to pick up Steve.

  2. Great blog Tanya. Thanks for the efforts in keeping us informed!
    -Tony & Susan


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