A day In the life of La Paz

La Paz has been a great place to base ourselves for the last month. So much for the lazy days of Mexico. La Paz is a real Mexican town, a far cry from the tourist traps of Cabo San Lucas. No timeshare sales pitches, no trinkets being forced at you everywhere you go and no cruise ships to dump thousands of tourist on the beach. La Paz is a real town, it is the capital of Baja and a place local Mexican come to get away from it all. There is one problem when it comes to La Paz. It is a hard place to leave. Now La Paz is not tour typical vision of Mexico, it is beautiful, but in a special way that you have to experience for yourself. La Paz is large enough to get about everything you might need, but small enough that after a few weeks and a few trips down the Malecon, the faces start to look familiar and the town quickly grabs a hold of you.. It's no wonder we returned here, and we know we'll be back again. We have been a little delinquent in our post but, hey we have been surprisingly busy with all sorts of boat projects. Can you believe it more projects? But with all the work comes even more play. We have been enjoying meeting up with old friends in La Paz and meeting new ones as well. It is almost as if we never left, almost as if we never left, except now we have two rascals to show our old stomping grounds. All is well, and as our little four year old says," Ahh La Paz!"


  1. You guys look great! Tristan and Sienna have already grown (taller).
    Missing you loads,
    Pura vida,


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