Los Suenos

We have been enjoying the this exclusive resort and the beautiful anchorage in Los Muertos. We have lost track of time but think it has been about five days of luxury resort life. The resort stands alone in an isolated bay with many surprises
The first sursprise was that no one was here. We were invited to enjoy the pool(s) as long as we had a drink or lunch. The restaruant had a second story dedicated to kids, a museum size elecrtic train set including kid size tunnels to explore, and explore they did.

The Gran Suenos is located about 40 minutes from La Paz and sits on one of the most beautiful bays of the East Cape of Baja. The grounds are beautifully landscaped and the deep green grass of the golf course is a soothing sight in the dessert terrain. I would recommend this relaxing oasis to anyone wanting a beautiful Baja vacation. Hey we might even still be here...
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