Turtle Bay to Cabo

After a crazy night at sea we arrived in Bahia De Tortuga. Did I mention that for the first time in Baja Ha ha history a boat was lost. J World a very sea worthy boat and experienced crew hit a Humpback whale and was sunk in 45 min. They spent two hours in the freezing water and two more hours waiting in the life raft for the coast guard.

We are ready to get off the boat and and stretch our legs. Not much has changed since we were here last in 2001, except for the amount of boats. It's crazy to see so many boats anchored in one bay, all so far from home. we have already shed our warm clothes and the water is warm enough to swim. The kids are magnets to other kids and they act as if they have known each other a long time. I guess the shared experience creates a bond, or they are all just over adults.

With organized chaos the Baja Ha ha group stormed the beach for volleyball, swimming, surfing, water balloons and a potluck. It was fun seeing the kids explore their new surroundings. Sienna kept saying are we in the real Mexico.

We went into town the second evening for the Day of the Dead, definitely a small town festival. T and S enjoyed the park in the town center and we had a great meal at the local taco stand. The braver of the crew ate tripe tacos, but I stuck to the carne asada.

Onto Bahia Santa Maria......


  1. Wow, scary story about the lost boat. But love reading your adventures! We all miss you here!


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