Off to Altata

We are leaving today for Altata a small not so known fishing village 110 miles north of Mazatlan. The first cruising boat was reported in 2001 and has had slow trickle of boats since.  The number one thing that detours most boats is it is not in all the guides, you have to cross a sand bar to enter an estuary, and is a little out of the way. We will stop here for as long as we have fun, en route to  Topolobompo where we will leave the boat and take the world famous Copper Canyon Train Trip. 
We are excited to do some inland exploring and experience the Raramuri Indians. I wish I had a kindle to download the book Born to Run, it is supposed to be an excellent book about the Raramuri runners.  They run 50 miles a day as if it was a walk in the park.  We are also looking forward to some cool mountain air, hiking and just pure family fun.   


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