Overnighter to Mazatlan

Sienna all cozy for the night

After a fun but buggy stay in San Blas we decided to push north to Mazatlan. We had a long night at sea but were rewarded with a beautiful sunset, an ocean alive with bio luminescence, twinkling stars, satellites moving at high speeds across a clear sky and a bug free night. The seas were a bit bumpy as the wind was coming from the exact direction we had to go along with a 3 knot current.  All of us are a little tired and poor Tristan who never gets seasick caught some bug and was throwing up the whole way,  More on San Blas and our epic family surf day at Mantachen Bay(worlds longest wave) were we all caught our share of rides including our little surfer girl Sienna.
We all said "This one's for you Papa G" my dad surfed this break in 1968 were we confirmed a lot has changed but the bugs are still here.


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