San Blas

 San Blas is tucked away on the northern coast of mainland Mexico.   There is a lot to this little town that lies along the bends of an estuary.  We approach town from the sea and cross over a sandbar of breaking waves to enter the calm green water and mangroves.  We have now left behind the glitz and tourist attractions of towns further south.  This a not a tourist town, at least not in the way we would think.  This a a town for local tourist who travel from the mountains and inland to vacation on the sea.  We anchor along the mangroves and are here with a few other boats that we know.

The town is still in the throws of Semana Santa(spring break) and the plaza is bustling with music, local Huichol artist who have made the two day trip to sell their crafts, a variety of cuisine to satisfy everyone's taste and a lot of fun people watching.  Oh and yes slapping of bugs!  I guess this is why it has not made Foders top ten travel spots, thank goodness for the bugs... We get the quick 411 on the town..the best vegtable and fruit stands, where to buy the bug spray that works, of course where the best taco stand is and also we are clued in on the what not to miss while you are in San Blas.

The first bit of info is that the bugs come out at dusk and stay out till after we hang out in town and have pizza, yes pizza after a taco of course.. Ok we better watch our waistlines here..Yikes these tacos are dangerous and dirt cheap.. Love the street food... No we have not gotten sick...and yes you can drink the water.  The other bit of advice was to do the jungle cruise.  Well being that we were in Tenacatita for a months time and had our share of  jungle runs in the dingy we were a little uncertain about paying to do a tour.  That was until  a handful of other cruisers veterans of  the Tenacatita Jungle cruise said it is a must do.  So we made plans to do it bright and early the following morning to avoid the weekend crowds and to be the first up the river.  We arranged a taxi for 6:30 the next morning and we got to bed early to prepare for the adventure.

Wow we actually had to set the alarm this morning.  Yes it sounds decadent, well it is . We usually just get up when we get up, so today would  require a bit of planning,  So after a little confusion with the time change, we were all up and dressed and in the dinghy( family car) at 6:15.  The kids did comment that it felt like being on Kauai and as if we were getting ready for a trip and had to be at the airport early. The early morning departure was well worth Gustavo our taxi driver was waiting for us when we got to shore and all seven of us , four adults 3 kids crammed into the little taxi and headed to the head of the Estuary.  What a deal 20 pesos and he also found us a boat and driver for the day.  We negotiated for the all inclusive trip, with stop off at a crocodile park and swim hole for 140 pesos (approx 13US each)  The four hour tour was spectacular and well worth the am wake up. 


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