Adios La Paz

Science day with other cruising kids!

We are leaving La Paz after a month of projects.   Dentist appointments, haircuts, shopping, homeschooling, beach clean ups and re-provision the boat and canvas projects to keep the boat cooler during the summer months in the sea.  A month goes by quickly when there the to do list is long.  We are now headed to Isla Epiritu Santo to celebrate Tristan's 8th birthday.  We will bury a time capsule that someday he will be able to find on his visits to the Sea.  We are happy to have the water once again moving under our boat and excited to move north into the Sea of Cortez to discover the magic unknown anchorages.  We are looking forward to catching up with friends and meeting new ones.  The cruising season is ending as hurricane season approaches and for the ones who are not bashing north back to the states they are heading further into the sea for cooler weather and hurricane protection.


  1. Thor & Tanya,

    We've had yet another change in plans. Yachtpath emailed me to say "opps, we don't have space for you on June 16th". Also when we got to Gatos is was really rolly and uncomfortable. So we carried on to Agua Verde. That's where we are now and we won't be heading back for a few more days. So we won't be able to meet you in Ensenada Grande. Sorry. You guys should head up here. It's great!

    Craig and crew.

  2. Howdy from Journey,

    We're just leaving Agua Verde right now. Fantastic place and I have some good "points of interest" type waypoints for you. We'll try to get you on VHF once we reach the San Evaristo area. We thought we'd go to Punta Salinas for a few hours. We should arrive there about 4:00 pm today. Then spend the night in Evaristo or San Franscico. I hope we find you guys!


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