A fishy Tail or Tale?

Remember this Photo?

Back in March we were in Puerto Vallarta where we enjoyed a fun visit with friends from Kauai.  After a week of racing fun in the Banderas Bay Regatta the girls on Meshach along with friends Amy and Nancy and Zada from Eyoni played it easy at the resort.  The boys all went out on Meshach for a two day dive trip to Corbatena Rock to spear some big fish.  They had fun trip and a successful catch.

Months later Nancy submitted photos to the popular Latitude 38 magazine which of course included pix of the very large fish we named The Toad.

Here is a fun story that showed up in Latitude 38 a popular sailing magazine. Looks like we stirred up a little controversy.  All in fun of course.  Read for yourself the three stories...

To give credit to the pix. The boys in the photo with Tristan are Max and Sasha Rovinsky!

Pix Submited to Lat 38
Editor doubts Photo
Let the truth be known.

The best part about all this is Nancy and Ethan on Eyoni are out of internet range and are missing all the drama.  We are looking forward to catching up with them soon and share some fish stories.... 


  1. Sick already have photo but just wanted to say it looks great! Screw those people who think it's a fake! I saw it live so I know what's up! -Sasha


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