Happy Birthday Papa!

Today is the 235th birthday of the United States Marines.  It also the 84th birthday of my Papa  (Grandfather) who is also a Marine.  Marines are who are called into to get the job done.  My Grandfather at 84 works circles around many half his age. He gets the job done.  He is someone that I look up to, respect and love deeply.  He more than fought for this country he served and still serves this country.

At 84 he will at any opportunity step in when needed.  This year is a different year for him.  Papa always looks forward to this day not because it is birthday, but because his birthday is also a day to honor all Marines who have dedicated their lives.  The Marine Corp Ball is an event he looks forward to every year a year to dress in in their formals, be honored and honor all his fellow Marines.  This year he is will miss the Marine Corp Ball.  This year he is called to serve again.  This year and everyday he serves and cares for those he loves.  His new service is to our Nana who has been his wife, companion and friend for 64 years.  She has been there for him through 3 wars and years of deployment. Nana is here with us, but times are different.

Her memory fades in and out, we see glimpses of her youth, her laughter and her smile.  Her eyes are bright and she smiles.  Her hands are soft her demeanor sweet. She is independent in her thoughts, but she needs more assistance now and Papa is there for her everyday.  Everyday he is there.  She wakes up in the hospital and  he is the first person she sees.  In between her meals and therapy he doesn't stop or slow down, he is off to the Veteran Center to paint a plane, march in a parade, fix something or help someone else.  He is dedicated to Nana, our family and his community.

He is also dedicated to this Country that we live in. With all the problems that we face as a Nation, we must remember despite our differences we are a free Nation, a people that are fortunate and blessed to have what we have.  We are fortunate to have selfless men and women who have served our country is the past and present.  Let us remember their service and dedication. Let us thank them for all they have done and do.  

Happy Birthday to my Papa!  Always a Marine and always our Hero. 


  1. What a beautiful post--thanks for sharing your Papa:)
    We miss you guys.


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