Arrival in La Paz - Our Stomping Grounds

Meshach sailed quietly into the La Paz channel this morning. It is a always nice to sail into a place that is familiar. La Paz is a place we have been going to with Meshach since 1999 when we sailed for two years pre kids and then in 2010 with them. What's better than a familiar place is familiar faces and the smiles and laughter shared with friends.

What a great feeling to be in a place so far from home and not have one familiar face but many.  Thank You Nancy Ethan and Zada on Eyoni for the multiple times you sailed north and stopped by to check on Meshach at anchor in Puerto Escondido, thanks to Marc for taking the boys around and getting the boat fueled up. Nothing better than a ride to the petrol station in a truck with a/c in the 104 degree dry air.

Kevin arrived today in La Paz. Kevin already had ties to La Paz and a truck and surfboards waiting. The crew is all together now and by the looks of the photos they are all having a great time. Thanks Nancy!

The next few days will be spent provisioning, finalizing any projects and checking weather etc. All is well in the Baja.
Thor Really missed Ethan


  1. The guys left an hour ago in the "crusher" (Land Cruiser) to go provision at Mega. They were back 7.4 minutes later to dinghy back out to Meshach for they self-made provisioning list. As Mega just opened 7 months ago, and rivals stores in the states for all-shopping-goodness (and a great "import" section from the States) they should come back soon with loads and loads of food to get them and their bellies across the Pacific. What a hoot it would be to watch them all wandering the aisles at Mega and with any luck again the Quaker State girls will be out in 5 inch heels & skimpy hot pants on the Abosolo waving as they drive by!


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