Ballenas, Spam and TP.

There is a lot of planning involved when you set off on boat to cross 3000 + miles of open ocean.
  1. Find crew X
  2. Get Boat cleaned and ready X
  3. Provision boat with necessary supplies. (ok according to the boys this is a X as well)
  4. Wait for weather window ( WHICH IS WHERE THEY ARE NOW...WAITING)
So a little background into provisioning a boat. This job usually falls into my to do list. It takes a lot of planning, many trips to multiple markets, more planning, organizing and stowing. Buying produce at all different stages of ripeness and buying produce, eggs fruits and vegetables that haven't been refrigerated will lengthen the life of the produce as well as knowing just the right type of goodies and food will work well underway. Thor will admit this is not his forte and Aaron asked me multiple times for a list, since I know my boat and what works, I didn't manage to do that and Aaron was confident they would be fine. Sounds like Aaron sorry Thor.. might be the only cook amongst the crew.

La Paz is a great place to provision.You have the super marcados, the daily markets, Wal-Mart and the Mega. The MEGA I hear is now the spot to find all or at least most of the food goodies and essential supplies. So off to the market they went. I happened to call in the midst of the shopping frenzy and the only question was," How much toilet paper do we need?" Somehow I should of taken that question serious instead of a slight chuckle and moving on to other things. The following pictures explain it all.

"The Crusher"

Special Ballena Holder

Provision Take 1

Notice sleeping bag and Beer

Where is the Pinata Going?

Healthy Easting! NOT
Lots of Heuvos

You can takes the boy out of Hawaii but you can't take the Hawaii out of the Boy
The Spritzer keeping Aaron Cool in 100 degree heat
Consulting Call for Provisioning A little Late! Borrowing extra transport boat.
Meshach Dingy Stocked
Loading Meshach

So by the looks of the great pictures ( Thanks Nancy for documenting ) they are well stocked with the basics, candy, cereal, pancake mix, canned foods, staples beer and spam. Quite the epicureans. Fruits and vegis are loaded last and I am sure those are included. They did a great considering...hahaha
Oh and they did remember the toilet paper.. They did ask if I though 4 rolls was enough... Three guys, 4 flats of eggs,  two weeks+ at sea.   HMMM! Enough said! Yikes... Good luck boys...


  1. I must ad that we ate like kings when I made my crossing on Meshach on a voyage that Tanya had provisioned. I hope that the dark chocolates, (night watch energy boosters), I sent along made it for this trip.

  2. Well, 2 bottles of red wine where taken to Meshach and I volunteered the other morning for "basura" duty cleaning Meshach's dingy out, and saw one bottle already Jack Daniels is left a few beers and the 2 cans of Spam. As for the T.P. I did mention to Thor that I didn't think, in all honestly, that a 4 pack would be enough. "Really, you don't think so?" was his answered, followed by Aaron saying "well I only use 4 sections at a time" at which time I was thankful for seeing the small container of bleach making it's way from Mega and onto Meshach. Thor did note today that he did buy a little bit more...and I think that's a good thing. Currently in La Paz the southerlies are flying in and it's cold out. I'm not joking. C-O-L-D.....and cold enough for a fleece if you venture down the malecon in search of your last "real meal" in Mexico, where the boys are now. A send off Tequila (thanks to Ethan who is still terribly sad that he's not going) at sunset warmed them up and I went below in the comfort of Eyoni to put Zada to bed as we are the early send off team which will rise before 6:00am in order to get things ready for school before going out to Meshach 45 minutes later to take photos, see the anchor come up and wave them off and point them in the right direction. For a few hours the southerlies will work for them, after they round the corner and head down the Cerrolvo Channel, all bets are off and it might be THEN that they're grateful for the extra rolls o' comfort in the extra rolls of T.P that Meshach now holds as they might have some work ahead before rounding the tip o' Baja and putting a course set on Kauai and that wind and roll even out....

  3. Well, if 4 rolls ain't enuff..teehee.. no way... UM, they'll just have to do as the SE Asians do! Hopefully they got some hand soap and sanitizer! And too much of that Spam goodness, they won't even be using the toilet. YIKES!
    The pics are so great! Amazing what the Meshack can hold. It sure is a boat-load of food :)

  4. 4 rolls not enough for 3 weeks with 3 dudes!!! -jmac


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