Sailing Meshach Home

It has been awhile since I wrote anything on the blog. Starting up again to track the progress of Meshach coming home to Kauai from Mexico. So here we start the 3,000 mile adventure home. I will update the blog an soon to be added map to chart their progress over the next few weeks.

So today is the day that the adventure to bring Meshach home to Kauai gets underway. There is a bit of sadness to see Thor leaving to go back to Mexico without us, back to Meshach but we are excited about having the boat home and spending time this summer in Hanalei and getting reacquainted with boat life. Oh how we all miss it and can't believe a year and a half have gone by.

New adventures in business have kept us more than busy. Captain Thor and First Mate Aaron Martin left Wednesday for Mexico. Thor will be making his tenth Pacific crossing, the 6th on Meshach. We are excited to have Aaron aboard as first mate. Aaron and Thor race together every Thursday as part of the Ozone crew which also includes Steve Mitchell who made the crossing to California from Hawaii in August of 2009.  Steve is an amazing friend who gave up years yes years of weekends to help rebuild Meshach. Thanks again Steve for aall your help on the extended haul-out. Yes! Very Extended! Steve was unable to join the boat this time as wedding plans are making for a busy next few months. Congratulations again Steve and Annie also crew on Ozone.

Aaron  has a lot of sailing experience including a year aboard a tall ship and countless back country, white water rafting and other amazing adventures. A third crew member Kevin will be meeting Thor and Aaron in La Paz Mexico on the 14th. This will be Kevin's first big crossing, but he is an experienced waterman and I have heard the fishing will be great with him on-board.

So here is a little run down of the next 3 weeks. Thor and Aaron left Wednesday for Mexico with a stop over in San Jose California. The long lay over in San Jose was spent at the luxurious Hotel Denny's( yes the 24 hour restaurant). I don't think they were bright eyed this morning when they boarded their 3rd plane for Mexico.

I finally heard from Thor 6 hours after he landed. So much for calling when they landed. Yes I did the normal wife thing worry... All is well and the reason for the long delay was horrible cell connection in Puerto Escondido, busy getting the boat opened up after a year and a half and some provisionong for basic food for the next few days.  They were able to send an email and call over internet phone once they reached the marina.

Meshach has sat on a mooring unattended for over 18 months. The report is all positive. a bit of bird decorations and a fairly healthy reef growing on the hull but all systems are working , engine started right up with no problems and a shiny clean prop. ( thanks again Ethan and Nancy on Eyoni for checking up on the boat and wrapping the prop.)

The guys are exhausted and will spend tomorrow doing some cleaning top side as well as removing the reef from the hull. The plan is to head south to La Paz on Saturday.  I will try to update blog daily The plan is for the guys to call via satellite phone daily once they are underway to either myself or Aaron's girlfreind Angela. Thanks Angela for lending Aaron to us for the next few weeks.

Signing off for now hasta manana!


  1. So cool you guys! What a group effort. Thanks T-ya for doing the blog. Thor, don' t clean Meshach up to much as we will be hosing her down with paintballs soon!

    1. Bring it on Tony. We'll have our umbrellas ready!

  2. I am very excited to see Meshach again and share it with Annie and Callum. Summer in Hanalei, looking forward to it!
    Thor, Aaron and Kevin may you have fair winds and following seas. Wish I could join you.

  3. Thanks for posting this Tanya! We will be missing our boys together, but they are in good hands and have lots of protection surrounding them!!! More to come :)

  4. You guys are studs. I will be following this for sure. This is a dream of mine that someday I will make come true. Looking for specs on the boat. Are they posted anywhere?


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