Kauai Here We Come!

There is no way to describe the feeling of pulling up the anchor and heading off into truly the last frontier. It is an adventure no matter how far your sailing. Some of the best adventures are just the next bay over. Today Meshach left La Paz. The kids and I are excited to have Meshach home and more excited to have our family back together. The best way to describe the send off is by someone who was there. This is an email from our wonderful friend Nancy on S/V Eyoni. Nancy is also our official boat photographer when we are sailing together.  Ethan will be keeping the guys updated on weather and Zada keeps us smiling. Love the toothless grin Z! Thanks for the send off.

Well Tanya, this morning at 7:11am the anchor rose from the choppy waters of the bay of La Paz and with a slightly tangled shackle Aaron & Kevin hunkered over the bow to twist it free while Thor stayed at the helm.
Aaron and Kevin Raising Anchor

Anchors Away

Zada saying goodbye to Meshach and crew
Moments later both sails were up and they FLEW by us with a good wind of about 18 knots pushing them out of La Paz.  Zada laughed as we zipped madly about them in the dinghy, getting wet and cold, and later cried when we had to fall off and go home to take her to school...
Ethan showing Shaka!

 It was a treat to see them off.  A treat to see them all excited and happy with arms flying in the air and waves and farewells sent across the windy bay.  It was also bittersweet....but I'm happy for them and you and for Meshach to again be moving through the water and eating up the miles and doing what she does best (and looking mighty sharp I might add)....sail!

Oh the one picture of Thor handing the garbage was funny, as he pretended it was a gift that she was to "sort though later to see if anything really good was inside" and she grabbed it and said "yeah, right Mr. Thor, a bunch of trash is all it is" and everyone laughed and it was good....and fun.

 So, they're off.  The last I saw of them was an hour later when I was running down the malecon and at a little after 8:00am they were crossing in front of the big Pemex tanker and rounding the corner and heading due north out of the channel and straight down past Pinchilingi.  Two little white sails flew and I was happy to give them one final wave and then I ran my favorite little hill 3 times, one time for each of them...thinking good sailing thoughts for them on this journey across the Pacific on that beloved boat called Meshach.

Our love to you....




See you soon!


  1. Wow!! Stunning photos.I really love the one of the anchor being raised and the sunset shots. Looks like they'll be having an experience of a LIFE TIME!!


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