May 24th More Wind and Sat Phone on the Blink

Today's Position as of 6:30 am this morning. 22 03N 124 40W HEADING 276 WIND 13KTS NNE

The air is still cold , the sky is clearing and the sun is shining just  a bit more. 200+ mile days with 1854 miles to go.

I was gone for the last few days with Sienna's first grade class in Kokee . Kokee is a fabulous escape from technology, but explains the lack of communication over the last 24 hours.

All is well, but there is a chance that the sat phone has gone on the blink. Angela received a short call from Aaron which basically ended with "Battery is dying, and only charge when engine is running" and then silence. So there is a possibility of some type of charging issues or a major defect in expensive satellite phone.

Charging is usually no problem unless the solar panels are not keeping up due to the cloud coverage they have had. They can run the engine to charge batteries, so hopefully it is a simple problem that with lots of free time a three brains hard at work will be able to come up with a solution.

Thor is resourceful and knows that we really want to hear from them. So we will cross our fingers and hope to hear from them in the morning. 

With he winds they are having now and the estimated 200+ days we should expect to see them no later than the 4th of June...hopefully sooner.


  1. I hope the silence doesn't weight too much on you Tanya....his weather looks good, and now issues on that hang in there and have a good weekend! Love to you and the kids....xoxox

  2. Heard from Aaron today. The motored for awhile to charge the battery...PHEW>>>> A relief to hear their voices for sure. They are continuing to have good wind & are sailing pretty fast! He still said they are anticipating the 1st week in June... fingers crossed....


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