Meshach Sailing Again

Aaron and Thor have already proven themselves a good team. With sleep deprivation and two days of hard work cleaning fossilized bird poop off the deck and oyster sized barnacles off the hull, these guys have managed to get the boat shipshape, provisioned, fueled up and underway in a little more than 48 hours. There is a bit of mixed emotion realizing Meshach is leaving Mexico and starting the first leg of her journey home from Baja. Thank you Linda and Orlando on the sailboat Cube Libre 3 for keeping me updated and sending the photos of Meshach leaving P.E.

The Sea of Cortez and Mexico is by far one of the most beautiful places. The desert meeting an emerald colored sea , the most amazing sunsets, sunrises and a sky dotted with millions of stars. If you look at Baja at a glance it is a desert, not much to see, and from some perspectives boring, but if you live Baja it is life. Truly you live, you explore, you search and you find. The ever changing landscape, unimaginable colors of sunrise and sunset, a thriving sea full of creatures big and small, sea caves, clear waters, mystery, wonder and time. Time to reflect on what is important. Time to realize you don't need much. Time to enjoy your surroundings and those you care for. Time now seems to slip through our fingers as everyday life, responsibility, new business, juggling kids from here to there keeping them busy.

There are not too many distractions when you live on a boat in the middle of nowhere. Well except the chore of meal planning or catching your meal, swimming, homeschooling and keeping the boat maintained. The extraordinary became our ordinary. I feel so blessed to have experienced this adventure with my family and as sad as I am to see Meshach leaving our second home. it is not goodbye Mexico just hasta luego.
Meshach left Puerto Escondido around 7:30 pm heading south to La Paz. Many of our favorite anchorages will be passed in the dark, but probably for the better being that it would be way too tempting to stop ta everyone of our favorite bays for at least a day. I think the two to thee week trip could easily turn into more. Fair winds to the crew and we will hear from them in La Paz where they already have an arrival party of familiar faces waiting.
We will chart the crossing with the next point being La Paz.

View Meshach Pacific Crossing 2009 and 2012 in a larger map
Please feel free to post your comments or Hello to the crew we will get them the message.


  1. Fair Winds and Calm Seas! From the Froidevaux family in Hong Kong!

    1. Aloha Frodevaux
      You need to bring the family out to visit us in Hawaii. It has been way too many years.

  2. On to see the sails UP on Meshach is brilliant...but your words which followed (above) left me with tears in my eyes. It has been a good, good time here in the Sea and you 4 have thrived when you are here and it was so wonderful to be part of that. I do hope our trails, or wakes cross soon for you truly are some of our dearest and best "finds" of the waters here in Mexico and the lovely Sea of Cortez.

    1. Nancy we have the best memories with you Ethan and Zada. I have no doubt that our paths will cross again. I am so thrilled you are in La Paz and Thor will be able to see you all.

  3. Tanya--we were happy to send you the pics and to see Thor again. Fair winds to them!

  4. buen viaje :) god speed & be careful & have fun too :) deb & jeff on Sailors run


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