May 21, 2012

Monday May 21

A morning call at 6:10am found the Meshach crew well and having covered 196 miles in the past 24 hours. The wind is still out of the NW with seas 2-3 feet.  They have a reef (shortened sails) in both sails and are doing about 8-9 knots boat speed.

Today's Position is: 22° 09 n  -114° 49'w

They were all in good spirits and feeling great. Doing great time and looking forward to hitting the Pacific NE Trade-winds this will be a fun and fast point of sail for Meshach. Last night they were treated to the Solar Eclipse The Ring of Fire where they saw about two-thirds of the eclipse and took great photos that will have to be shared when they arrive back on terra firma.

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  1. Cannot wait to see the Solar Eclipse shots...I'm sure they are incredible!