Monday May 21

A morning call at 6:10am found the Meshach crew well and having covered 196 miles in the past 24 hours. The wind is still out of the NW with seas 2-3 feet.  They have a reef (shortened sails) in both sails and are doing about 8-9 knots boat speed.

Today's Position is: 22° 09 n  -114° 49'w

They were all in good spirits and feeling great. Doing great time and looking forward to hitting the Pacific NE Trade-winds this will be a fun and fast point of sail for Meshach. Last night they were treated to the Solar Eclipse The Ring of Fire where they saw about two-thirds of the eclipse and took great photos that will have to be shared when they arrive back on terra firma.


  1. Cannot wait to see the Solar Eclipse shots...I'm sure they are incredible!


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