One Last Stop 22.8800° N, 109.9000° W

22.8800° N, 109.9000° W
Cabo San Lucas

There is an old sailing superstition that you never leave for a long passage on a Friday, do not have bananas on board or women for that matter. This would not be the first passage that was started on a Friday. The new development would restart the voyage to today making the official start day Saturday. Ok I feel so much better. Ha Ha

I was surprised this morning to receive a call from Thor's cell phone this morning clearly still in range and not as far off as I thought they would be. The decision to stop in Cabo was made due to the fact that...well why not? The winds were light, not much to talk about on the horizon, more fuel wouldn't hurt , topping off water, and a few more select provisions were needed. Peanut butter black tea and a bit of fresh bread to be exact.

The first 24 hours out was an easy motor sail, mostly motoring at around 7 knots in calm and glassy water through the Cerralvo Channel. The boys were kept entertained by the numerous pods of dolphin, several whale encounters including false killer whales and jumping manta rays.

In a 24 hour period they hooked up 6 tuna as well as a 5 foot mako shark. After a crazy catch and release. Yes, there is more to that story the shark got away, the lewer skirt was salvaged and let's just say we will be needing to purchase a new gaf for the boat.

So the quick trip into town included a bit of provisioning, a little more fuel, water and a quick replacement of the salt water wash down pump.

All is well and the guys were underway doing 8 knots, with a reef in the sails and 25 knots of wind. They departed Cabo just before sunset, dodging barges full of tourist on sunset sails, inflatable banana boats and a giant replica of a pirate ship.   So now they are really on there way. Next stop Hawaii.....


  1. No women...? Why exactly is that? Wierd...
    YEs, Aaron mentioned he was less than impressed w Cabo & he was looking forward to getting out of the tourist trap. But the shark sounded like an adventure!
    So much for the gaf... must have been the sharks revenge!

  2. The woman thing is an old seafaring superstition we definitely don't follow that one actually we don't really follow any of them.

  3. Yes Cabo is the timeshare pit of the world!! Safe sails muchachos!! Looking forward to following the stories of your journey!!

  4. She is truly a beautiful ship. May the wind be at your back and safe travels.

  5. Love the jumping rays around Baja!

  6. Thanks, Tanya, once again, for keeping us updated on their sail. Years ago, I spent a bit of time down in Baja. We were staying at a little camp near Todos Santos. The funny thing was, all of our new local Mexican friends LOVED going down to Cabo. I couldn't wait to get back onto the beach at Los Cerritos. Your posts have been really enjoyable and I have had fun reliving sailing memories as well. Sending thoughts of fair winds Meshach's way...


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