Tuesday the 22nd Update

Here is the  location and a few tidbits from a 2 min satellite call and a few 160 character text. They can receive text for free and outgoing is reasonable with the Iridium sat phone, but voice calls are still pretty pricey. Technology is a amazing and has changed quickly.

Today's position is:

22°17N 117° 39W heading is 266° on the line to Hawaii

2,242 miles to go 

Sails still reefed and they are maintaining an average speed of 8 knots

Wind is N 14 knots and wave heights 3-5 feet.

The wind is turning a little more NE which means they are hitting the trades. Everyone is eating well and Kevin is quickly becoming a seasoned sailor. No boats spotted. Nights have been wet and a bit cold but they are all adjusting well to the rhythm of the ocean and their watch schedules.

The best part about sailing is you never miss a sunrise or a sunset. They all reiterated how amazing the solar eclipse was.
If anyone would like to send a quick text let me know I will forward text # and instructions.

The pessimist complains about the wind; the optimist expects it to change; the realist adjusts the sails.
- William A. Ward


  1. Love the updates.....love "picturing" the guys out there sailing further and further away from us and closer and closer to you! xoxoxo


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