Saturday May 26th Update OOPS

All is well today's position is: 21 35N 131 59W

Not much sleep for the boys last night as the seas were a bit turbulent and the motion of the boat a bit uncomfortable. Sky is still overcast and the air is cold. This is a good thing for those worrying about hurricanes. Hurricanes don't like cold water and they are far enough north that it is pretty rare to see one this early in the season. (Normally June 1 -November).

They did say that the sun was out long enough that they all showered on deck with their allotted fresh water solar showers. They are roughing it a bit. We do have an endless amount of fresh water on-board thanks to water-maker that turns salt water to fresh, hot endless showers ...That is when it works. The pump went out before we came home to Kauai and the idea of bringing all the parts to Mexico and fixing it was a bit more than Thor wanted to deal with, so the old fashioned solar showers one each is there fresh water shower solution. All the onboard tanks and extra containers are saved for drinking and cooking.

Been there and done that! For two years PC (Pre -Children) we sailed with no refrigeration, no hot water, or water maker. We sailed thousands of miles from Hawaii to Mexico, and through the South Pacific without theses luxuries, it was amazing, fun and completely doable. Would I do it again sans the little luxuries of cold beverages, hot fresh water in endless supply? Absolutely NOT! Ha HA well maybe.

So they are hours away from the halfway mark. One big oops is that they have not updated me on how many minutes are left on the Satellite phone. As of this morning after call 9 minutes remain. We can recharge the minutes which I have done, but it takes 1-2 business days to do so. Today is Saturday and lucky us Monday is a holiday. So unless XSAT GLOBAL turns out to have exceptional customer service which so far has not been proven, the guys are left with no communication till Tuesday.  As of this morning they have 9 min left  and they need minutes to be active and allow the additional airtime added to card. so all the updates from this point on through the weekend will be minimal.
 Will keep you updated...


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